Room Fenice

Annex of historic hotel in Spoleto
Annex with private terrace
Room type Superior
Position 1st floor
Dimension 20 sq.m
Bed type Double or twin beds
Bathroom 7 sq.m with shower and window


Fenice is the annex of the Villa. It is located at about 20 m. from the main building. It is provided with splendid ancient pieces of furniture “empire style”, like a console, a chest of drawer and some chairs. The terracotta floor is covered by Persian carpets while beautiful prints of Pompei’s mural paintings, coming from the 19° century original collection of Cav. Pasquale D’Amelio, are hanging on its walls. It has two private terraces: the first in front of the entry and the second at the back, with a breathtaking view on Spoleto and the Umbrian Valley. Both the terraces are provided with round tables and armchairs.

bedroom details
Bath historic villa Umbria
view from the room into a luxury hotel in Umbria
detail of antique furniture in luxury hotel in Spoleto

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