Luxury boutique hotel in Umbria

Luxury Hotel Spoleto, Umbria

Villa Milani is a nineteenth century Villa, where masterpieces of art, ancient Roman remains, paintings and frescoes, old statues and period furniture are collected. Today the Villa is a comfortable and romantic italian boutique hotel in the green hills of Umbria which encircle Spoleto.

In the hotel you can breathe and still sense the passion of the architect Giovanni Battista Milani, because he made his umbrian country house a kind of laboratory, where he experimented with different styles and combinations. The result is the refined “architectural pastiche” which still today characterizes its uniqueness and charm.

Thanks to a faithful restoration, Villa Milani shows itself in its original magnificence, with all the comforts and services of a 5-star hotel, enriched by a warm and homely atmosphere.

This is the reason why a true "Residenza d’epoca" like Villa Milani can be defined as a luxury boutique hotel capable of stirring the emotion.

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